My Work


I started playing around with acrylic pouring and fluid art in the fall of 2017 and fell in love with this medium. By combining the acrylic pour along with my painting style I’m able to create a mesh of abstract and realism. The colour combinations and movement within fluid art makes for a unique background for my acrylic paintings. I try to incorporate as much of the original pour into my pieces, showcasing both art forms.


Watercolour painting is my happy place, my first love. I have been playing around with watercolour most of my adult life, pushing it’s limits with the use of vivid colours and methods to create unique and interesting textures. I love the way the paint flows, with a bit of a mind of it’s own challenging me every step of the way but in the end creating something beautiful.


Colour pencil and pastels are a new medium to me and a bit different from my other work. I started noticing beautiful pieces by other artists which inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and give them a try. I’ve been using coloured pencils and pastels for a short time but am starting to feel comfortable with the new art style. Realism comes easy for me through these new tools, which can be easily packed up and taken anywhere making them go to medium.


Acrylic poured furniture is fun, messy and a great way to play with this medium. It’s usually a family affair, need more than one set of hands for a project. My son has been a huge help (and he’s pretty talented too). We have played around with everything from tables and stools to trays and even Christmas ornaments . Stool tops are our favourite and we always have some on the go. All of our stools and most of our other wooden products are sourced locally and hand crafted right here in the Creston Valley.